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Welcome to the Cass County Nebraska Crops Information Page

The purpose of this page is to provide the producers in Cass County Nebraska with timely agricultural information.  Please link to any of the articles below to download the associated pdf document.  Further, there will be a survery that we use to determine the needs of the community, and the direction that our services are aimed.  Please take the time to complete the quick survey so that we may develop the programming that is desired.


Cornhusker Economics Preliminary Land Report Valves and Rental Rated 2015  This document given the rental rates tables and preliminary land values.

Sudden Death Syndrome in Soybeans - Early Planting Increases Risk (168kb, PDF) : The article describes what Sudden Death Syndrome in soybeans is, and what the symptoms look like.  Further, we define some management tactics and define how ealry planting in previously infected fields may increase risk.

Safety Check for the Anhydrous Ammonia Applicator (243kb, PDF) : The article defines the components of the anhydrous ammonia applicator system and the safety checks that need to be performed prior to the first use in the spring.

Nebraska Agricultural Land Markets Showing Strong Gains (198kb, PDF): This article describes the preliminary land value of Nebraska Agricultural land and the percent change over time.

Is Nitrogen Use Efficiency Compatible with High Corn Yields? (241kb, PDF): Is it possible to raise high yielding corn and still be efficient with our corn use?  This article addresses these concerns from producers and defines the need to manage application to reduce nitrogen rates and losses.

Volunteer Corn Reduces Yield in Corn-Soybean Rotation (146kb, PDF) : Corn is rapidly becoming a concern for corn and soybean rotations that are based on Roundup Ready herbicides.  Read more for information on control measures.

Programming Needs
Your input is valuable to direct our programming. Please provide us with your opinion. Select the radio button of the programs you would like to see. At the end, you can add any that we missed...