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UNL Extension Resources

As an owner of an acreage or a small farm you want information relevant to your needs. UNL Extension has several programs designed to help you with numerous issues.

  • Improve or maintain domestic well water quality
  • Select landscape plants well-adapted to Nebraska growing conditions, resulting in reduced fertilizer, water and pesticide usage
  • Manage wastewater (sewage) to protect the environment and human health
  • Conserve and protect water and all natural resources
  • Practice sustainable land management practices resulting in minimal pesticide usage, which protects human health and the environment

One resource that you will find especially helpful is the Acreage & Small Farm Insights e-newsletter from the UNL Extension Acreage team. This monthly electronic newsletter provides timely information to help acreage and small farm owners manage their rural living environment.

Two helpful websites are the Acreage & Small Farm Insights site provided by UNL Extension in Dodge County and the Acreage Owner's Guide site provided by UNL Extension in Lancaster County. The research-based resources on these sites address a wide range of issues from assessing the rural life to landscape and pasture management to drinking water and waste water management to dealing with wildlife.

You will also find these UNL Extension resources helpful. Resources

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